1. Instagram has 300 Million current users, and the growth rate is staggering, considering their population was just 100 million in February 2013.

    2. The photo sharing app has basically no gender skew, which means there is an equal balance of male and female users.

    3. Instagram is the only platform where everything a brand posts will show up in the follower’s newsfeed. There’s no requirement to “boost” a post in order to be seen.

    4. On average, smartphone users spend almost three hours on their phone each day. Instagram is the only mobile-focused social media platform and claims a lot of that time users spend scrolling through their smartphone.

    5. Instagram allows brands the freedom to display their personality in a visual way, which means the creative possibilities are endless.

    6. By accumulating loyal followers, a brand has the opportunity to interact with followers on a day-to day-basis to build brand loyalty and increase brand liking.

    7. Like Twitter and Facebook, Instagram provides a platform to “pepper witty, relevant pop culture references” in real time for followers.

    8. Instagram offers native advertising, but if you choose to use this, be sure your brand understands how to create organic original content that will blend in with user’s normal newsfeed.

    9. Instagram recently made an effort to clean out fake accounts in order to keep Instagram “authentic.” This is important, because users will trust that the number of followers a brand has is real, not boosted by fake accounts. Also, Instagram verifies brand and public figure accounts. This can be used to ensure that the brand’s image is not misrepresented.

    10. According to an intelligence report by L2, “1/3 of brands posting over 20 times a week maintain above average engagement, dispelling the notion that size is negatively correlated with engagement.” The report also found that the posts that receive the most engagement are lifestyle posts.