At MOJO Ad, we specialize in all things young, specifically the Youth and Young Adult (YAYA™) market. This target, made of 18- to 24-year-olds, is unlike any other – smart but stubborn, innovative but uncertain, and for most companies, just barely out of reach. Too often, successful brands paint YAYA consumers with one broad stroke into a monochromatic generation, but they aren’t so colorless and dull.

They are vibrant and bold – not just spenders and shoppers. They are Fauxdults, Thriftequates and Sponloppers… and so much more. Flip through our Meet the YAYAs booklet for more insight into what these invaluable characters are thinking.

The YAYA market is not limited to three consumers. The Comparigrammers, Mentalkers, Beautifilters and Friendalectuals are still waiting for you. 

This YAYA character compares herself to others on social media, especially Instagram. The Comparigrammer spends her days trying to balance work, a social life and sleep but struggles to do all three because she doesn’t want to miss out on those YAYA Kodak moments. In fact, 86% of YAYA consumers agree that if they work hard, they should play hard.*

The words “depression” and “anxiety” are part of the Mentalker’s daily vocabulary. He and his friends talk regularly about their mental health and feel comfortable bringing it up in conversation. YAYA consumers strongly agree (51% definitely agree) that mental health is just as important as physical health.*

This YAYA character wishes she could swipe the flower crown Snapchat filter over her face in real life. She’s like other YAYA consumers in that 56% agree their physical appearance is more attractive online than in person.* The Beautifilter submerged in the picture-perfect world of her smart phone, but when she sees her Facebook friends while running errands, she is self-conscious of her unfiltered appearance.

When it comes to news and politics, the Friendalectual sees his friends on social media as true intellectuals. For the first time ever, 28% of YAYA consumers say social media is their main source of news, compared to television (24%).* Instead of consulting traditional outlets for news, the Friendalectual hops onto Facebook or Twitter to get the real story from the sources he trusts most.

*All research and insights collected from the 2017 State of the YAYA report.

Why MOJO Ad?

These characters are part of a life stage full of fresh perspective and bold ambition. They are an infinite source of future consumers and could become your brand’s most valuable market… with the right brush strokes.

And that’s our goal at MOJO Ad: to give you the tools to paint YAYA consumers in fuller, more accurate color. We are devoted to delivering the best possible solutions to client problems, all of which have been for national clients such as Enterprise CarShare, Purina and Walmart.

So let’s paint this picture together. Fill out the contact form below to start a conversation.

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