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The Youth and Young Adult (YAYA) market is an elusive target that’s hard to define, but our annual State of the YAYA report sheds light on who they are, including their attitudes regarding brand authenticity, careers, entertainment, politics, social justice and more. 

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The State of the YAYA is an annual, in-depth report compiled and written by MOJO Ad staff. The report is based on our national quantitative study. Each year, we help marketers understand and connect with YAYA consumers and their world. This report not only sheds light on who they are, it highlights their attitudes and behaviors on everything from snacking and relationships to news consumption and education. The YAYA demographic is a life stage, not a generation, and it is often overlooked by marketers. With 31 million of them in the United States, the YAYA population generates an aggregate income of $463 billion annually. They are about to decide whether to stick with the brands they have used their entire life, or split off in another direction. If marketers fail to identify the YAYA individual, they could lose them forever.