At Verve, we infuse every project with the dynamic energy of our team. Like a bolt of lightning, we electrify our client work with vibrant ideas, bursts of innovation and a passion that knows no bounds. We turn campaigns into movements with waves of enthusiasm, transforming visions into vivid realities. Experience the pulse of our energy and commitment to crafting strategic success for our clients.

Ben Henschel

Ben Henschel

Account Manager

Ben Henschel, a Fairway, Kansas native, brings his incisiveness, persistence and consideration to the MOJO team as our Account Manager. With a knack for insightful analysis, Ben focuses on guiding exceptional teamwork and big-picture strategy. 

Ben brings years of experience in a variety of spaces. In 2023, he interned at Trident DMG/Davis Goldberg & Galper in Washington, D.C., gaining valuable experience in litigation communications and crisis management. Prior to that, he served as a public relations intern at Pinkston in Falls Church, Virginia. Ben’s passion for writing is nurtured through his role as senior editor at Midwestern Citizen Journal in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Additionally, he dedicated his skills and interests in legal analysis as an undergraduate intern at the Missouri Public Defender’s Office in Columbia, Missouri.

Ben’s campus involvements are equally impressive. He earned the role of president on the Mizzou Alumni Association Student Board, working to support students and set the stage for life-long memories at events like Tiger Walk, First Roar and Senior Sendoff. Additionally, Ben serves as a research ambassador at the Kinder Institute on Constitutional Democracy, assisting professors with personal projects and monographs. As a member of the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity, Ben understands the power of collective effort and meaningful connections. 

Ben’s dedication extends to his personal endeavors as well, specifically with a personal essay collection on music. Over the past few years, he has drawn connections between records and his experience living in Columbia and D.C., along with road trips and travels across the Midwest. Though the majority of what he writes is not intended for publication, Ben’s essays help him think about music and how it can influence life in new ways.

Ben Henschel personifies the essence of MOJO: sharp, driven and compassionate. With his comprehensive experience and leadership, Ben is poised to guide the team well.

Anna Poppe

Anna Poppe

Public Relations Account Manager (Content)

Meet Anna Poppe, our witty and dynamic Public Relations Account Manager (Content) at MOJO Ad. Hailing from Jerseyville, Illinois, Anna brings a strategic mind, strong communication skills and a flair for creative innovation to the table. 

With a wealth of experience under her belt, Anna currently works as a full-time PR strategist for Intero Digital’s Content & PR Division. Prior to this, she honed her skills as a media relations intern, eventually becoming a part-time media relations strategist for Influence & Co. 

Outside of MOJO Ad, Anna is known for her dedication to volunteer work and community service. She has dedicated her time and efforts to a Missouri-based political advocacy organization for the past three years, where she spearheaded impactful social media campaigns, organized events and played a key role in raising awareness for important causes. 

On campus, Anna is an active member of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and the American Advertising Federation (AAF), serving as a peer mentor and contributing her expertise. In previous semesters, she was also involved in Sustain Mizzou and MU NORML, embodying her commitment to sustainability and advocacy. 

Anna is passionate about languages and cultures, which led her to minor in Spanish during college. This interest, initially sparked by a childhood fascination with Dora the Explorer, amplifies her ability to connect with diverse audiences and thrive in any environment. 

So, whether she’s crafting impeccable PR strategies, lending her expertise to the community or showcasing her linguistic talents, Anna Poppe is the powerhouse you can trust to make a lasting impact on your brand.

Allyson Imhoff

Allyson Imhoff

Public Relations Account Manager (Strategy)

Meet Allyson Imhoff, our proactive, hard-working and passionate Public Relations Account Manager (Strategy), hailing from Leawood, Kansas. With a knack for turning ideas into impactful strategies, Allyson brings a tactical mindset and insightful thinking to the team.

 Allyson’s extensive experience helps guide her work. As an account strategy intern at Go Local Interactive, she spearheaded strategy development for diverse clients like E&S Ring and StorageMart. For Page Communications, Allyson organized and implemented effective social media campaigns weekly for clients like Q39 and Legends Outlets. Allyson also worked closely with the Griggs Innovators Nexus, the entrepreneurial program hub at the University of Missouri, creating and curating content to strengthen its social media presence. 

Organization is a strong suit for Allyson, and shines through in her on-campus involvement. As event coordinator for the American Advertising Federation (AAF), she organized five advertising agency visits in Kansas City last year and continues to plan agency visits in Chicago for this year. Further, Allyson serves as the director of membership selection for Pi Beta Phi, where she plans and executes recruitment events to welcome new members. 

Alongside her strategic and organized mind, Allyson possesses an adventurous spirit that leads her down diverse paths. Always willing to try new things, she has expanded her horizons by running a marathon, cross-country camping and teaching swim lessons (despite claiming to not be a good swimmer). 

Allyson’s ability to blend creativity with strategic execution is evident in every detail. Get ready to redefine limits with her exceptional effort and strategic finesse!

Emma Tacchia

Emma Tacchia

Quantitative Strategist

Emma Tacchia is our motivated and adaptive Quantitative Strategist, hailing from Joliet, Illinois. With a strong work ethic and a natural inclination toward teamwork, Emma brings a unique blend of skills to her role on our team.

Emma’s comprehensive experience includes working as a Mizzou Athletics marketing intern, where she supported the operations of pregame, in-game and postgame activities for various sporting events. Emma’s contributions extended beyond the field, as she also assisted with email marketing and community outreach efforts in the Mizzou Athletics office. As a PR specialist at Matchbook Marketing, she excelled in maintaining invaluable relationships for the organization, with her outstanding projects including press releases, promoting a complete company rebrand and organizing a campus-wide headshot event. Not one to shy away from new challenges, Emma is slated to be an account manager on Matchbook’s Fisch Flips team in the upcoming semester.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Emma is an active member of Zeta Tau Alpha, where she has dedicated her time and efforts to the philanthropy committee. Collaborating with fellow Zeta members, Emma has spearheaded various events to raise funds for breast cancer education and awareness in the Columbia community. Additionally, Emma brings drive and a competitive spirit to the table from her eight-year-long club volleyball history, culminating in winning a national championship in her final year. 

Emma’s commitment and passion in both her professional and personal lives make her a true force to be reckoned with. As our Quantitative Strategist, she brings her array of experience and wisdom to craft effective marketing strategies.

Emily Wilson

Emily Wilson

Qualitative Strategist

Introducing Emily Wilson, the strategic organizer hailing from the captivating Highlands Ranch, Colorado. As our Qualitative Strategist, Emily orchestrates insights, harmonizing the nuances of human experience into actionable strategies. Dedicated and creative, Emily brings an effective vision to the team. 

Emily’s communications journey is strung with accomplishments. She fine-tuned her skills as a communications intern at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), crafting in-depth interviews and orchestrating the analysis of qualitative data to illuminate the harmonies of website overhaul themes. As a PR liaison for Matchbook Marketing, Emily elevates brands in the local Columbia area. 

On campus, Emily supports her communication skills through involvement. Emily serves as a journalism ambassador for the University of Missouri, sharing her experience and recruiting new students for the J-School. Further, she strengthens her marketing abilities as a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and the American Advertising Federation (AAF). 

Beyond the boardroom, Emily is a practiced archer. For 11 years, she honed her skills on a Junior Olympic archery team, mastering patience and dedication. Emily continues to shoot and compete individually, finding reward in pursuing personal excellence. 

With an insightful and dedicated outlook, Emily Wilson hits the bullseye of qualitative strategy.


Mary Clare Lacke

Mary Clare Lacke

Digital Strategist

Meet Mary Clare Lacke, our dynamic Digital Strategist hailing from Libertyville, Illinois. Ambitious, eloquent and brimming with creativity, Mary Clare is your go-to gal for all things digital. 

Drawing from in-depth communication experience, Mary Clare’s brilliant skills shine through. As the summer social media and influencer marketing intern for Kendra Scott, her strategic prowess was recognized with an extended offer through graduation. She masterminded content across social platforms, spearheaded competitive analysis, and worked to organize collaborations and influencer marketing. Further, as a social media intern for Claire’s, Mary Clare elevated the brand’s TikTok presence with exceptional engagement. This triumph earned her interviews with The New York Times and features on New York’s ABC7 News—talk about leaving an incredible mark! 

Dedicated and passionate, Mary Clare is also highly involved on campus. As a journalism peer mentor, she provided invaluable guidance and support to fellow students, along with conducting outreach for the School of Journalism. Mary Clare stands out as a leader in her sorority, Alpha Phi, where she organized strategies for over 200 members as Vice President of Membership and Recruitment and manages the chapter’s social media channels currently as director of Social Media. Mixing her expertise in social media with her passion for dance, she’s competed with Mizzou’s Club Dance Team since her sophomore year and serves as their social media manager to promote the team. 

Joining strategic vision with digital innovation, Mary Clare is here to ensure your brand’s story is told with an effective digital touch.

Taylor Roty

Taylor Roty

Media Planner

Meet Taylor Roty, our versatile, well-organized and eager Media Planner hailing from Leawood, Kansas. With a knack for creative problem-solving and a meticulous eye for details, Taylor ensures every campaign shines brighter than expected.

Having honed her skills at EMI Network as a social media manager intern, Taylor expertly scheduled and curated captivating content for the company’s platforms and blog, showcasing their array of services. At Spotlight, she rocked the stage as an analyst relations operations intern, organizing content calendars for efficiency and promoting events through Instagram Reels. Not stopping there, Taylor spearheaded the creation of an all-encompassing internal website, showcasing the brilliance of company and committee initiatives.

Beyond excelling in her professional efforts, Taylor is highly involved on campus and in the community. As vice president of Chapter Programming and Development for her sorority, Tri Delta, she supports risk management and wellness initiatives for the chapter and upholds conduct for members. For the past four years, Taylor has fundraised for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in connection with her sorority. In addition, she serves as a peer mentor in the American Advertising Federation (AAF), where she supports and guides fellow students interested in pursuing a career in advertising.

One unexpected passion of Taylor’s is her love of cats, specifically taking care of senior cats. Her mission? To offer a forever home to seasoned kitties, whisking them away from years of adversity and welcoming them into a life full of ear scratches and purrfection. 

With her infectious enthusiasm and passion for social media, Taylor Roty brings exceptional energy to our team.

Elise Vahle

Elise Vahle


Meet Elise Vahle, the wordsmith extraordinaire hailing from Grand Island, Nebraska. As our excellent Copywriter, Elise weaves words with a passion that’s as palpable as a Midwest sunset. Her razor-sharp attention to detail, combined with her keen perceptiveness, guarantees every phrase she crafts dances off the page and into your imagination. 

Elise comes to the table armed with a tapestry of experiences. Currently donning the hat of marketing coordinator at EnergyLink, she organizes and executes communication strategies for the renewable energy development company to resonate with audiences. Previously, Elise was the director of Membership and Education for the Campus Activities Programming Board, where she coordinated outreach, communications and professional development for the organization.

Elise’s journey through academia is equally illustrious. As a senior writing tutor at MU’s Writing Center, she dons her editing cape, helping fellow scholars spin their ideas into gold. But that’s not all—she’s an outreach presenter too, spreading the gospel of writing and editing wherever she roams. 

Outside of MOJO Ad, Elise nurtures her passion for civic engagement by volunteering at local election offices. During election season, she works to organize polling stations and ensure accurate communication with voters. As a personal passion, Elise is a self-taught fiber artist specializing in crochet. 

Whether she’s untangling the threads of communication or bringing yarn to life, Elise Vahle is the embodiment of passion, precision and perspective.

Julia Foster

Julia Foster

Graphic Designer

Meet Julia Foster, a Northbrook, Illinois native who brings her creative prowess to the MOJO team as our Graphic Designer. Highly driven and social, Julia injects vibrant life into her designs while seamlessly collaborating with others. 

Julia’s journey into the graphic design realm began with an eye-opening experience as a graphic design intern for Giano Productora Ética in Barcelona, Spain. This international work expanded her cultural horizons and honed her design skills in a global context. Further, as a branch marketing intern at Veterans United Home Loans, she wielded her creativity to develop compelling marketing initiatives. Alongside this, she also ventured into entrepreneurship, owning and operating Hardcore College, a custom college tailgate clothing company. 

When she isn’t meticulously fine-tuning her designs, you can find Julia involved in Matchbook Marketing, a student-led creative agency on campus. She works as a graphic designer for the agency, lending her artistic finesse to deliver captivating visual content that resonates with clients and their target audiences. This involvement allows her to further explore her boundless creativity and collaborate with like-minded individuals. 

While studying abroad in Spain this past summer, Julia had the opportunity to travel throughout Europe and strengthen her foreign language skills to become fluent in Spanish. Her favorite part of this experience was spending a weekend on the island of Ibiza to see her favorite DJs perform live sets. 

Julia Foster’s journey as a graphic designer has taken her far, shaping her into the well-rounded and driven professional she is today, and she’s excited to keep growing. Her flair for creativity, social skills and unwavering dedication make Julia an invaluable asset to the MOJO team.

Audrey Badgerow

Audrey Badgerow

Art Director

Audrey Badgerow, our creatively driven Art Director hailing from Kansas City, Missouri, brings a meticulous eye for detail to every project she undertakes. With a passion for the arts that knows no bounds, Audrey is constantly pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling. 

Her journey in design began as a design intern at FleishmanHillard, where she honed her skills and gained valuable experience in the world of professional design. Audrey’s effective communication skills earned her the role of communications director at KCOU. In this role, she not only guides the station’s creative direction but also develops graphics and conceptual content on a weekly basis. 

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Audrey is active in engaging with the community. A repeat volunteer at the True/False Film Festival, she dedicates her time to promoting the arts and supporting filmmakers. At KCOU, Audrey hosts a weekly live radio show alongside her co-host, engaging listeners with energetic playlists, thought-provoking discussions and impromptu sartorial advice. Music is a passion for Audrey, and she enjoys collecting records and studying album art. 

With Audrey Badgerow as our Art Director, creativity and artistic excellence are guaranteed. Her meticulous approach to design and unwavering dedication to her craft make Audrey an invaluable asset to any project.

Izzy Roberts

Izzy Roberts

Video Producer

Meet Izzy Roberts, our visual virtuoso hailing from Blue Springs, Missouri. As our resident Video Producer, Izzy weaves her creativity into captivating visual narratives that leave audiences spellbound. With a trifecta of attributes—an uncanny knack for visual creativity, an unyielding drive for goals and an insightful perspective—Izzy is the driver behind our video productions. 

Izzy’s experience in a breadth of areas showcases her diverse knowledge and abilities. A former Mizzou School of Law multimedia content intern, she honed her skills crafting visual content that spoke volumes across social media and websites. As a production intern with Matchbook Marketing, she developed creative content for Princess Cruises. At Mizzou Athletics, Izzy lent her lens to capturing the essence of various sporting events, with a special focus on gymnastics, showcasing the grace and grit of athletes through her edits. 

Beyond her screen-centric escapades, Izzy cherishes working with kids. In addition to her media production experience, she spent a summer teaching 2-year-olds at an early education center. Izzy aspires to interweave this passion with her future in marketing and advertising. 

With cameras as her companions and creativity as her compass, Izzy Roberts transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary and reveals stories that linger in the memory. Join us in experiencing the world through her creative kaleidoscope.