Caitlin Reader

Copy Editor

Caitlin is destined for show business.

She’s been performing since she was five – she’s done fifteen shows in the past four years alone. As the former vice president, former president, and current social chair of Alpha Psi Omega (the theatre fraternity at Mizzou), she is a leader of the theatre community and entrenched in the lifestyle.

That’s right. When this girl graduates, she’s throwing her tap shoes in a bag and heading for the marketing offices of Broadway.

Wait. The marketing offices of Broadway?

Caitlin has chosen a career path that allows her two passions, theatre and strategic communication, to mingle – a feat many surely envy. She’s already on her way, in fact: this past summer she was a Broadway Marketing Intern at Starlight Theatre in Kansas City. But now, her sights are set on New York, where she plans to move after school and pound the pavement in many vocations.

If you see Caitlin (offstage) compliment her on whatever she’s wearing; there’s a good chance that it’s some cheap, thrift store find that she transformed into something brand new with needle, thread, and her bare hands.

When not occupied with a sewing project, those bare hands are usually holding an iced coffee – a vehicle for the caffeine that keeps this lady moving. Seriously. She has at least three calendars at one time to keep everything straight. And to-do lists by the pound.

Look, I’m just saying it’s tough to get an appointment with Caitlin. You might need to resort to bribery. Pro tip: the girl goes crazy for avocados. Bring a couple of those to the table, and you just might get yourself an audience.